Sustainability in Action,
One Machine at a Time

Everyone is responsible towards a more sustainable future.

Embracing sustainability is at the heart of our mission at BidMyAsset. By facilitating the reuse and repurposing of machinery, we help reduce the demand for new production and minimize environmental impact. Each piece of equipment sold through our platform is given a second life, conserving valuable resources and contributing to a circular economy. This not only benefits the environment but also supports businesses in achieving their sustainability goals.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond transactions. We actively promote practices that reduce waste and lower carbon footprints, fostering a community of responsible buyers and sellers. By choosing BidMyAsset, you are not just participating in an auction; you are joining a movement towards a greener, more sustainable future. Together, we can make a significant difference, one machine at a time.


Our focus is on maximizing “recycling” and “reusing”. In our business scope, scrapping will be the last option based on our technical team’s professional advice. Then what we can “reduce” to minimize pollution and emissions, and further preserve nature is drilled deep into all our staff. Even in the scope of the administration office, paper can be a big source that can be well minimized. Complying with all relevant laws and regulations (also in the context of the environment) is a must in our organization.


At BidMyAsset we focus on our relationship with all our stakeholders and interested parties. We organize CSR activities at least quarterly to do what we can for our local community, while at the same time building empathetic values into our staff.


BidMyAsset pursues integrity and diversity in selecting its leadership and is fully accountable to shareholders. Potential ESG investors are well assured that our group of companies avoid conflicts of interest in their choice of board members and senior executives, and don’t use political contributions to obtain preferential treatment or engage in illegal conduct. We will manage our bribery avoidance and also implement a company-wide ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System.

BidMyAsset is now blue

Shifting to blue reflects our commitment to ESG principles and dedication to a sustainable future.

Why Blue?

BidMyAsset embraces change by transitioning to blue. This decision is rooted in values, particularly aligning with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Blue symbolises environmental consciousness and sustainability, reflecting the company’s commitment.

BidMyAsset and Blue have a longstanding association with professionalism and trust, embodying qualities of reliability, stability, and competence that are core to BidMyAsset’s identity. By selecting blue as our primary colour, we aim to fortify these values, instilling confidence and assurance in our clients and partners.

Additionally, blue embodies professionalism and trust, integral to BidMyAsset’s identity. The transition signifies more than a colour change. It represents a transformation in the company’s journey, embracing adaptation, innovation, and excellence.

Expect a refreshed visual identity across platforms, weaving blue into the company’s brand. BidMyAsset embraces change as an opportunity, emphasising its dedication to ESG principles, professionalism, and trust. The company looks forward to a brighter future, appreciating the support as they embark on this transformative journey.

Pollution prevention

50% of all pollution prevention opportunities are in manufacturing. That’s not all. Our sustainability consulting services also include recycling management, hazardous and solid waste reduction, and much more!

Circular economy

Reclaiming the planet through the circular economy challenges our take-make-waste model. Mimicking natural systems makes recycling profitable and helps avoid unsustainable exponential growth, offering a viable alternative to capitalism and socialism.

Zero Waste to Landfill

With the population rising and limited resources, rethink production and consumption. Reducing business waste has environmental, social, and financial benefits, saving up to 50% of your budget. Our services ensure nothing is sent to landfills or dumps.

Extended Product Life

Extend the lifespan of machinery to maximize resources and minimize waste. By refurbishing and repurposing equipment, we reduce the demand for new production, lower carbon emissions, and contribute to a sustainable future. Our expert services ensure your machinery gets a second life, supporting a greener planet.

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